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From Joseph_Kessel...@lotus.com
Subject Re: [DTM_EXP] ChunkedIntArray questions
Date Mon, 04 Jun 2001 21:51:02 GMT

ChunkedIntArray was specifically designed as support for a particular
version of DTM. You'll notice that a number of its methods have the
four-word size hardcoded into them. A more general version might be a good
thing -- perhaps merging ChunkedIntArray's storage management with the
IntVector's API -- but I'd strongly suggest copying ChunkedIntArray rather
than inheriting from it, to avoid carrying irrelevant baggage and reduce
the risk of getting hit if we decide to redesign or retire ChunkedIntArray.

BTW, it is _very_ unclear that a single array has significant speed or size
advantages over several arrays run in parallel (except possibly some minor
locality-of-reference advantages, and _MAYBE_ some avoidance of bounds
checking, though you pay for that with more expensive addresing
calculations). You might do better with separate lineArray and columnArray.
The version of DTM I'm currently working with  uses a group of parallel
arrays, though we're also looking at a "packed" alternative.

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