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From John Gentilin <jgenti...@smart911.com>
Subject Re: Need a volunteer to add update() query for SQL DML to XConnection (SQL Extension)?
Date Fri, 22 Jun 2001 00:43:56 GMT

We currently use Xalan for Queries and our own XMLDB Package
to convert an XML Stream into a series of SQL operations. Currently
I am working on the port from DOM mode to DTM mode. If you wanted
to throw around some ideas, I am will to discuss them.

Another idea we have been kicking around is submitting our XMLDB module
as an Open Source Project. Our biggest stopping point is how much bandwidth
will it require to support the process.

What I have now is a UML Model of the extension code (using MagicDraw) and
I plan to start the coding process this weekend. Do you have any ideas on the XSL
code that will be used to produce the Database Updates ?? I was looking into just
adding our XMLDB as a extension of the redirect function but the end result was
getting ugly.

John Gentilin

Alan Canon wrote:

> I'm interested in doing DML from my XSLT, in order to implement all
> of my business logic in XSLT (I can do everything but that.)
> Is support for update/insert/delete queries planned for the Xalan
> SQL extension? I know that this could create side effects within
> the database (that's the whole point), but so select
> queries can do this too if a user-defined function is called
> using the query. So adding DML capability seems like it's not
> entirely beyond the pale.
> Need a volunteer?


John Gentilin
18314 Carlwyn Drive
Castro Valley CA 94546

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Phone 1-510-881-4821

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