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From Gary L Peskin <ga...@firstech.com>
Subject Re: xsl:include conflicts...
Date Thu, 01 Mar 2001 01:08:47 GMT
chris markiewicz wrote:
> since i converted to xalan2/sax2, i have noticed the following:
> (in this example, x.xsl contains some utility templates)
> if a.xsl includes x.xsl and b.xsl includes x.xsl AND a.xsl includes b.xsl, i
> get an error that more than one x.xsl template is available.
> what is the fix for this?  the code is fairly modular so removing the
> include from a or b isn't really an option.
> thanks
> chris

Chris --

Can you please send along a.xsl, b.xsl, x.xsl and the corresponding XML
so that we can try to reproduce this problem.

What is the exact error (incl stack trace, if possible) that you are


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