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From Gary L Peskin <ga...@firstech.com>
Subject Re: JSP and Xalan & Xerces
Date Thu, 14 Dec 2000 16:14:55 GMT
Ben Sifuentes wrote:
> I always try it first on the command line.  Here are the XML, XSL that I am
> using. Let me know if you see any problems with this.
> Also, I included the results from the transformation which was a WML file

I didn't see any XML or XSL or results file attached.  However, if you
say it works, then it must not be a problem with Xalan but with ApplyTag
or the ApplyTag-Xalan interface.

> >In order to debug this, I think you'll either need a debugger that can
> >examine the XSLTResultTarget that is being passed to the Xalan
> >XSLTProcessor.process() method or you'll need to be able to modify the
> >source of ApplyTag.java and put in a bunch of System.err.print()
> >statements just before the call so that we can see exactly what's
> >happening.  Can you rebuild the ApplyTag from the source so that we can
> >insert debugging type print statements?
> >
> Man I hope I don't have to go thru this much trouble!!

I could do it but I'm not running Tomcat at the moment, or any other JSP
engine, so I can't really debug anything here.  I think it has to do
with the output page context and some incompatability with Xalan but
that is just a guess and I could be wrong.

I've been looking into eventually doing this and now might be the right
time but I'm a little swamped by a project that I'm doing so it may have
to wait.  If it's a huge hassle for you, we'll have to figure out some
other way.

> >I think you might do better on the taglibs-user mailing list.
> >
> Is that the actual address for that mailing list. I didn't see this one the
> Apache mailing list

Yes.  See http://jakarta.apache.org/site/mail.html  They're in
alphabetical order.


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