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From "Scott Boag/CAM/Lotus" <Scott_B...@lotus.com>
Subject Re: XSLT API Proposal (Draft 2)
Date Sun, 06 Feb 2000 05:13:11 GMT

OK, I revised the interfaces according to people's comments, especially
Mike's.  The sticky issue is still probably the specification of the
DocumentHandler interfaces on the XSLTExecContext and the Transform
objects... I'll see if people want to push on this.  Also, seeing how
javax.xml.parsers and the SAX2 stuff is getting factory support, I guess I
do need to add a factory for the XSLTExecContext object after all.

If anyone thinks that these notes should be taken off the cocoon list, or
anyone wants to be removed from the list, please let me know.

(See attached file: XSLTResultTarget.java)(See attached file:
SourceTree.java)(See attached file: Transform.java)(See attached file:
URIResolver.java)(See attached file: XSLTException.java)(See attached file:
XSLTExecContext.java)(See attached file: XSLTInputSource.java)(See attached
file: OutputProperties.java)


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