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From "Mark Weaver" <m...@npsl.co.uk>
Subject rtree()->getNodesetRoot()
Date Wed, 07 Apr 2004 12:26:30 GMT
I've recently moved up to Xalan 1.7 and it seems that the getNodeSetRoot()
function has disappeared from XalanDocumentFragment.  This was used in one
of my (nasty) extension functions that implements a dictionary.

Basically, I'm trying to stick the RTF to a nodeset in the following code:

		dictionary_t::iterator it = m_dic.find(arg1->str().data());
		if (it != m_dic.end()) {
		return executionContext.getXObjectFactory().createNodeSet(theNodeList);

the idea being that the nodeset is empty if the dictionary key could not be
found or contains the node otherwise.  (There's also a corresponding
function to return all of the nodes).

Could anyone advise as to the correct way to do this these days?



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