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From "Xiao, Ke" <kx...@microstrategy.com>
Subject memory leak
Date Thu, 31 Jul 2003 16:22:35 GMT
One memory tool shows some memory leak in Xalan. Looks like it happens here:

In XalanTransformer::terminate(), it  call "delete s_xsltInit" at first.
This will free all those global maps such as

Then it call several uninstallGlobal() function to free other global tables.
Some of these tables are stored in the global map. e.g.
XalanEXSLTCommonFunctionsInstaller::uninstallGlobal() will try to free the
functions in XPathEnvSupportDefault::s_externalFunctions. Because
XPathEnvSupportDefault::s_externalFunctions is already freed, those
functions are not deleted.

I found this issue on UNIX, and debug on NT. 

Is this a true memory leak?

Thanks a lot,


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