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From thomas.che...@ascentialsoftware.com
Subject RE: StreamTransform with Visual C++ .NET
Date Mon, 15 Apr 2002 17:43:07 GMT
It might start to work better when rebuilding xalan under .NET completely.
Compilation went through without a problem (a couple of warnings here and
there, that's all).
I am able to run the StreamTransform example now. But most of the other
example (and Xalan.exe including) are not working.
I get a popup with the following message in it:
Debug Assertion Failed!
Program Xalan.exe
File dbgheap.c
Line: 1132
Expression: _CrtIsValidHeapPointer(pUserData)
The calling stack under the debugger is showing the problem on a delete.
My C++ is a little bit rusty, I must admit. Is this related to the Microsoft
debug library and the way it redefined the new/delete operator? If yes, any
idea on how to fix it? I think I remember that there might be a way by
excluding a specific debug library. I will try to validate that by building
the release version (instead of the debug one).
I am also in the process of building xerces in .NET. I am using the 1.6.0
version (to use the same as the one bundled with xalan). Is it ok or should
I/can I use the latest Xerces (1.7)?

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From: thomas.cherel@ascentialsoftware.com
Sent: Monday, April 15, 2002 12:22 PM
To: xalan-c-users@xml.apache.org
Subject: RE: StreamTransform with Visual C++ .NET

Sorry for the multiple emails. Reply All was just the easy way. I will be
more careful. 
I am running on Windows 2000 server. 
My email was not very clear, I think, that is why I sent a clarification
right after. The StreamTransform.exe from the binary distribution is working
fine, but if I try to rebuild it with VC++ 7.0, then it does not work

I will investigate to try to understand better where the problem is coming


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From: David N Bertoni/Cambridge/IBM [ mailto:david_n_bertoni@us.ibm.com
<mailto:david_n_bertoni@us.ibm.com> ] 
Sent: Monday, April 15, 2002 11:58 AM 
To: xalan-c-users@xml.apache.org 
Subject: RE: StreamTransform with Visual C++ .NET 


Please do not respond directly to me.  Since I responded to your email, you 
can assume that I'm subscribed to the mailing list.  I don't need multiple 
copies of emails flooding my inbox. 

If you're using the binary distribution, I don't understand what VC++ 7.0 
has to do with anything.  As long as you are running on NT or Windows 2000 
you should not have any problems.  We have not tested under XP, but I can't 
imagine in wouldn't work. 

If there is some incompatibility as a result of VC++ 7.0, I think that's a 
bug that Microsoft ought to fix. 


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I actually did not build xalan or xerces. I used the binary distribution. 
May this is what the problem is, but I was hoping that VC++ 6.0 built DLLs 
are "compatible" with VC++ 7.0 (I am probably too naive on that one). 

I can definitely try to rebuild both Xerces and Xalan with .NET and see if 
the problem is fixed. 


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From: David N Bertoni/Cambridge/IBM [ mailto:david_n_bertoni@us.ibm.com
<mailto:david_n_bertoni@us.ibm.com> ] 
Sent: Monday, April 15, 2002 12:16 AM 
To: xalan-c-users@xml.apache.org 
Subject: Re: StreamTransform with Visual C++ .NET 

When I last built with beta 2, everything worked fine, but things may have 

Since I don't have a copy of .NET, I can't build it to see what's wrong. 
You might try debugging through the code to see why the stream is empty. 

By the way, did you rebuild Xerces as well? 



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                      04/14/2002 11:34 AM              Subject: 
StreamTransform with Visual C++ .NET 

Hi there, 

I am trying to make the StreamTransform example (from Xalan-C_1_3-win32.zip 

) with Visual C++ .NET (VC++ 7.0) 
I can compile it fine but when I execute it I get the following error: 

Fatal Error at (file , line 1, column 1): The main XML document cannot be 
StreamTransform Error: 
The main XML document cannot be empty 

Seems to be a problem with the handling of the stream. If I do not use 
stream (but reference the xml and xsl file directly), everything works 

Same exact code compiled in VC++6.0 is working fine. 

Any ideas? 


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