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From Roelof Naudé <roelof.na...@epiuse.com>
Subject document function
Date Tue, 16 Oct 2001 10:30:01 GMT

the following is from a stylesheet i use:
<xsl:variable name="rchrg" select="//@AIRTIME_RECHARGE div 100"/>
				<xsl:variable name="sfee"
				<xsl:variable name="doc"
				<xsl:value-of select="$doc"/>
test="$doc/lookup/*[@AIRTIME=$rchrg and @SFEE=$sfee]">
select="$doc/lookup/*[@AIRTIME=$rchrg and @SFEE=$sfee]"/>

when running the xalan sample app, testXSLT, the stylesheet works. the
document lookup.xml is opened etc...

when running the exact same stylesheet from within tuxedo an empty nodeset
is return. does anyone know why that would happened? i specified an absolute
path and the permissions are fine. (running sample app and tuxedo server
under same uid). also xalan doesn't return any error messages or warnings
that it cannot open the file.

any suggestions would be welcome.

roelof naude.

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