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From Boris_Paska...@putnam.com
Subject Re: byte array over SOAP
Date Thu, 27 Jun 2002 18:50:21 GMT

I do knot know what was the problem with byte arrays but I translated the
byte array into string, which worked just fine.
Funny that I'm using the reverse of the idea that you are using.
Boris Paskalev

              From:        "WJCarpenter" <bill-soap@carpenter.ORG>                 
                     06/26/02 05:19 PM                                                   
                     Please respond to soap-user                                         
              To:            <soap-user@xml.apache.org>                            
              Subject:    Re: byte array over SOAP                                       

> I have a client that is trying to make a SOAP call having a byte array
> as a parameter, but I receive no serializers/deserializers  error.

I don't know why you get this error.  Apache SOAP serializes byte arrays
just fine.  (In fact, we use byte arrays to carry strings in some of our
tricky circumstances.)

> Then I tried to convert the byte array to string, for the purpose of
> using SOAP but I get the following exception:
> Fault Code   = SOAP-ENV:Client
> Fault String = parsing error: org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: An invalid
> XML character (Unicode: 0x2) was found in the element content of the
> document.

That error is legit.  If you wander around the XML specs and stare at
Unicode tables long enough, you'll eventually conclude that you can't have
most control characters in Unicode (you have a Control-B), and therefore
you can't have them in your XML.  The good news is that when you figure
out how to send the byte array as a parameter, Apache SOAP will
automatically base64 encode it for you for transport.
bill@carpenter.ORG (WJCarpenter)    PGP 0x91865119
38 95 1B 69 C9 C6 3D 25    73 46 32 04 69 D6 ED F3

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