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From "Anne Thomas Manes" <a...@manes.net>
Subject RE: WSDL
Date Thu, 13 Jun 2002 20:09:21 GMT

WSML is the _service_ configuration file for MS SOAP Toolkit. It's
equivalent to the Apache Axis WSDD. It tells the MS SOAP Listener where to
route a call when it's received. A SOAP message comes in; the MS SOAP
Listener determines which operation has been requested; it looks in the WSML
file to figure out what COM object to load.

You don't need a WSML file with a .NET service (since you're not loading a
COM object).

You also don't need a WSML file for either a .NET client or an MS SOAP
client. That's because you aren't servicing the request on the client --
you're sending the request to the remote Web Service (which I assume is a
Java service? perhaps an Apache SOAP service?). So what you need to do is
get your hands on a WSDL description of the service and feed it to the .NET
wsdl.exe utility (the .NET WSDL compiler), which will generate a C# proxy
object for the remote service. Then your client application can simply make
method invocations on the C# proxy object. The proxy object will convert the
method invocations into SOAP calls, which will get sent to your service.

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  From: Martin Gainty [mailto:mgainty@hotmail.com]
  Sent: Thursday, June 13, 2002 3:38 PM
  To: soap-user@xml.apache.org
  Subject: RE: WSDL

  You're only Half way there..
  You may have WSDL but you are missing WSML
  read the definition of WSML:
  A WSML file provides information that maps the operations of a service (as
described in the WSDL file) to specific methods in the COM object. The WSML
file determines which COM object to load to service the request for each

  How does one make a COM object from a Java Class or JAR???
  when there are NO COM Objects here..

  Ten Cuidado Mattias,

  Martin Gainty


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  >Was that a typo? did you mean to ask how to obtain the WSDL file?
  >From .NET all you need is the WSDL file to generate a client. You only
  >a WSML file when you're using MS SOAP Toolkit to build a service (not a
  >client). Note that you don't need WSML with .NET.
  >How did you build your service? with Apache SOAP? or some other SOAP
  >If your service is built with Java, then you should be able to use a
  >java2wsdl tool to generate your WSDL. You can find a java2wsdl tool in
  >Apache Axis kit.
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  > From: Mati [mailto:mbutti_soap@yahoo.com.ar]
  > Sent: Thursday, June 13, 2002 10:35 AM
  > To: soap-user@xml.apache.org
  > Subject: WSDL
  > Hi, i want to create the WSDL to make available the service to a .NET
  >application. How can i obtain this WSML from the service created and
  >in SOAP?
  > Thanks a lot.
  > Matias.

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