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From Frank Cohen <fco...@pushtotest.com>
Subject HTTP 1.1 Protocol for Requests
Date Tue, 18 Jun 2002 03:06:12 GMT
I'm using Apache SOAP 2.3.1 on Sun JDK 1.4 on Windows 2000. I notice that
when I make a SOAP request to a server Apache SOAP makes an HTTP POST
request to the server using HTTP/1.0.

POST /jaxrpc-hello/jaxrpc/helloif HTTP/1.0

The SOAP 1.1 specification says that HTTP/1.1 is required.

The server responds to this request with an "Unrecognized operation" fault.
I suspect it's because the server is strictly enforcing the 1.1 requirement.

How do I get Apache SOAP to use 1.1?


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