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From Dave Greenstein <d...@latis.com>
Subject Overriding the endpoint
Date Tue, 25 Jun 2002 15:43:18 GMT
I'm having an issue with apache soap v2.3.1 when communicating with a soap
server that is NAT'd (network address translation). Basically, the client
binds with the service, the service sends back the soap XML and specifies
the endpoint for subsequent rpc calls. Unfortunately, this endpoint is the
NAT'd address of the server, so the client cannot contact the server in
subsequent calls. Is there a way in the client side "Call" or
"SOAPHTTPConnection" to override this endpoint with the original soap
services external address?
I've looked at the proxyHost and proxyPort functionality, but, that seems to
require a proxy server to handle the communications. I'd rather not do this,
and just have the client communicate directly with the service. If using the
proxy is required, is there any way to make tomcat (the same tomcat instance
that is publishing the soap service) act as a proxy?

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