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From Davorin Kremenjas <davorin.kremen...@inet.hr>
Subject Re: Another BadTargetObjectURI problem - Solved!
Date Sun, 16 Jun 2002 19:33:50 GMT
Well, I must admit I don't understand it myself.
As I said, the other class was in the same directory and it worked OK. So
there was no possibility of classpath error. There was no type mismatches
(double checked), no any other "stupid" mistakes.
Of course, I had to convince myself, so I renamed problematic class back to
longer name and it really didn't work. Back to short name - it works! I
don't know if this is regular behaviour, a bug or something else since I'm
not an experienced programmer.
And finally, the names:
the long one (not working): XMLDBBookServiceManager
the "short" one (working fine): XMLDBServiceManager

It's still a mistery to me, but I'm happy because it's working :-)

At 15:42 15.06.2002 -0400, you wrote:
> I checked out the Apache Bug List and found this:   Help! My client sees
>error message: "SOAP-ENV:Server.BadTargetObjectURI"
>The most likely cause of this problem is a classpath error: The class file
>that implements your service is not in the classpath of
>the server.
>My inclination goes with the solution from the buglist.
>I have'nt heard about rectifying a BadTargetObjectURI with shortening the
>class name
>  name of your Class??
>anyone else..?
>Martin Gainty
>   >  >Hi!  >I hope this helps someone since I haven't seen this kind of
>solution in any  >other BadTargetObjectURI problem.  >I had two classes in
>the same direcory, each had one simple method (for  >testing purposes),
>each of them deployed in the same manner BUT ONLY ONE  >WORKED! Calling
>method from the other class returned BadTarget...  >The problem was - the
>name of the class that didn't work was too long! 23  >characters (don't ask
>why :-)).  >So I shortened it up a bit (to 19 chars) and it all worked
>fine.  >Now everything works as it's supposed, so - keep your class names
>short.  >  
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