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From "Christian Bock" <christian.b...@krisbe.de>
Subject Re: Provider for Jini-Services
Date Mon, 17 Jun 2002 14:54:35 GMT

what exactly is your ServerSOAP/JiniClient?
I assume you use a Servlet as server, is that 
I have written a little RPCJiniProvider, but 
unfortunatly I do not get it to work.
I can't figure out the problem, but the symptomes 
are that a component "JiniConnector" which does
all the Discovery and Lookup using Lookup/
ServiceDiscoveryManager does not find any LUS
or service at all.
The "JiniConnector" works fine as "Standalone".
I found some information about Servlets and Jini
what seems not to fit my needs.

The codebase in CATALINA_OPTS is set:

The permission in catalina.policy is set to
grant {
    permission java.security.AllPermission "", "";

I found some information about Classloader
problems in earlier versions of Tomcat ( I am 
using 4.0)
But testing that out, the classloader is the 
ContextClassloader, which should be the 
right one ( Please correct me ! )
A note about speed says that it takes a few
minutes to discover a service from within a
Apache-Tomcat-Servlet but even after half
an hour there are no results ...
Even the Jini debug-options do not tell me 
anything about any problem.

any ideas?

what information would be helpful to figure
out the problem?

thanks in advance


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  From: Carlos Lozano Ruiz 
  To: soap-user@xml.apache.org 
  Sent: Friday, June 14, 2002 9:17 AM
  Subject: Re: Provider for Jini-Services

     I am currently working on project that involves both technologies (JINI and SOAP) but
I am using the following approach:

  ClientSOAP<-------(4-response)------- ServerSOAP&ClientJini<--------(3-response)-------

     So I have had to develope a class that acts as a ServerSOAP but in fact is just a Jini
client and the real server that provides all the logic is a Jini Server. This is the simplest
way I have found to join SOAP and JINI but I think the idea of building a "RPCJiniProvider"
as you suggest should be the right way to use these two technologies.

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    From: Christian Bock 
    To: soap-user@xml.apache.org 
    Sent: Thursday, June 13, 2002 6:19 PM
    Subject: Provider for Jini-Services

    Hi to all!

    Currently I am working on my deploma-thesis with the task
    to use Jini-Services from small mobile devices (CLDC/MIDP)
    What I've done so far is to start an implementation of a bridge 
    between Apache-XML-RPC and kXML-RPC ( from Enhydra )
    but now I want to use Apache-SOAP and kSOAP because
    it has the big advantage of the ClassMappingRegistry.
    So my question is if someone out there already had the same
    idea of bridging JINI and SOAP and is or was working on a
    "RPCJiniProvider" ?

    comments are welcome!


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