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From "Aaron Wald" <w...@walds.com>
Subject "Client sent malformed Host header"
Date Sun, 10 Sep 2000 23:01:26 GMT
I'm kidding this error "Client sent malformed Host header" (400 Bad Request)
from Apache when I tried to make a Soap call.

I've been looking at problems reaching the servlet, but it appears to be
there, I can get the "Sorry, I don't speak via HTTP GET- you have to use
HTTP POST to talk to me." message from a browser.

I've got the SOAP4J stuff installed into tomcat & apache on Linux.

>From what docs I can find I've seen their may be some classpath issues that
I have to be sensative of. Can someone clear this up for me ?

I'm not sure where the error lies, I'm not entirely convinced I've formatted
the Call correctly even though I pretty much copied the GetStockQuote.java

Are there any FAQs around? Hopefully I've missed some resource.


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