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From "Erik Dasque" <edas...@silverstream.com>
Subject RE: [ANN: SilverStream releases complete XML RPC/SOAP environment]
Date Thu, 07 Jun 2001 15:31:33 GMT
Anthony, all

I sent the email to the soap-dev mailing list because I thought that its
members may indeed be very interested, not so much in the product maybe, but
in the approach we have taken to the soap/java issue, leveraging the RMI
programming model. I believe it might also be an interop test opportunity
also. jBroker Web has been tested on Apache and work very well and seems to
be very very fast (500 messages/seconds on a basic 1cpu dev box). Also, I
thought that the list members would be interested in the wizards we provide.

I might be totally wrong and if so do appologize for that but I believe the
list remains always curious about initiatives in the Java/SOAP space and it
is a great opportunity to see what we believe is a unique approach so far
(and very close to what JSR101 is working on). I have clearly not sent that
email to get customers from the list for this beta release nor the final

Again, if I am wrong, I humbly apologize, my goals being as far from spam
marketing as any member of this list.


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From: Anthony Holland [mailto:anthony@zenaptix.com]
Sent: Thursday, June 07, 2001 4:05 AM
To: soap-dev@xml.apache.org
Subject: RE: [ANN: SilverStream releases complete XML RPC/SOAP

Dear Erik Dasque

I may indeed be interested, but I am interested in something else also.

Where did you get my email address? And was the below email in fact from
I have recieved a couple of other renegade emails addressed to what apears
be the apache soap interest group. I am sure that anyone doing business in
software world knows that spam amounts to negative exposure. That said, if
have my address legitimately, I have no problem with this email since it is
actually of interest...

Anthony Holland

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Erik Dasque [mailto:edasque@silverstream.com]
> Sent: Wednesday, June 06, 2001 7:09 PM
> To: Erik Dasque
> Subject: [ANN: SilverStream releases complete XML RPC/SOAP environment]
> Hi,
> I thought you might be interested in the following product release
> :
> --
> [ANN: SilverStream releases complete XML RPC/SOAP environment]
> SilverStream unveiled on June 4th a beta-release of its JBroker Web
> a complete XML RPC/SOAP environment :
> jBroker® Web is a complete XML RPC environment for building, running, and
> invoking Web services using Java:
> * Supports writing Web service interface using WSDL as well as Java
> * Complete set of compilers to convert WSDL to Java and vice versa and for
> generating client and server XML RPC glue (stubs and skeletons) code
> * High-performance and scalable SOAP 1.1 runtime over HTTP transport
> * Extensive support for producing XML from Java objects and vice versa.
> * Leveraged by SilverStream eXtend workbench to create Web services from a
> Java class or an EJB (also includes a UDDI browser and local registry as
> well an a WSDL editor)
> Both jBroker and SilverStream eXtend workbench betas can be downloaded now
> at :
> http://extend.silverstream.com/workbench/app/jsp/jbrokerweb.jsp (JBroker
> Web)
> http://extend.silverstream.com/workbench/app/jsp/about.jsp (SilverStream
> eXtend workbench).
> jBroker Web has an extensive set of features:
> * Compilers
> 	WSDL to Java compiler
> 	Java RMI to SOAP compiler
> 	Java RMI to WSDL compiler
> * XML RPC runtime
> 	Portable stubs and skeletons
> 	Supports pluggable XML protocols, encodings and transports
> 	SOAP 1.1
> 	Encodings - SOAP, Literal
> 	Transports - HTTP, HTTPS
> 	Plugs in to any J2EE compatible server
> * JNDI support for looking up Web services
> * Dynamic Proxy support
> * Security support
> 	Basic and Digest Authentication
> 	HTTP/SSL support
> * XML/Java Type Mapping (including basic types, most java.lang and
> types, Date, Remote, Map, Set, List, arrays and Elements)
> * Custom types
> * Easy-to-use stream-based serialization
> High Performance and Scalability
> jBroker Web has a very low footprint and high performance runtime with a
> very flexible architecture. Initial tests have shown Web services written
> using jBroker Web and deployed on a commercial J2EE application server to
> able to handle over 500 requests per second
> Sincerely,
> Erik Dasque
> Product Manager
> SilverStream eBusiness Solutions
> 2 Federal Street
> Billerica, Massachusetts, 01821, USA
> Phone:  (978) 262-3316
> Fax:    (978) 262-3499
> e-mail: erik@silverstream.com

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