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From Narayanan Seshadri <Naraya...@Yodlee.com>
Subject Soap4J and HTTP 1.1 Keep-Alive/Persistent support
Date Thu, 07 Jun 2001 22:36:35 GMT

If this topic is already discussed, please point me the message thread.
I am trying to use the SOAP4J and take advantage of HTTP 1.1 's keep-alive
functionality. I am interested in doing this to avoid creating a socket
every time and use the same connection to make multiple requests one after
the other.

I have tried to use the latest SOAP implementation and found that the HTTP
response header has Transfer-Encoding: chunked which adds the content-length
as part of the body of the message. Because of this extra content-length in
the body of the message, the parser throws exception.

Is there  a plan to handle this chunked encoding and extract the message


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