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From Araf Karsh Hamid <ka...@netforensics.com>
Subject Re: performance issues in Web Services
Date Tue, 12 Jun 2001 16:04:57 GMT
Hi Rao,

Can u clarify, what u mean by performance issues of Web Services?

Web services are nothing but an open standard for bringing island of
closed networks to communicate on the net. Its nothing but an RPC
mechanism (XML over HTTP/SMTP)


P Sreenivasa Rao wrote:

> Hi all,I have some doubts regarding the performance issues(u can call
> them as disadvntages ) of Web Services.Actually,we'll depend on the
> performnace of Service Provider in web services.So in the internet
> scenario,the performance will be a bottleneck as it'll take much time
> (due to more no of hops or more traffic to SP etc) to get response.
>  Another thing, I dont know the necessity of request broker in the web
> serives scenario.Is it replaced by UDDI registry or UDDI registry is
> the implementation of request broker?Is there any public UDDI registry
> available? I tried with IBM's site but I dint get the actaul link
> pointed in their documentation. Finally,what  are the other advantages
> and bottlenecks in this Web serivces scenario.
> Thanks a lot for one and all.Awaiting your early response.Thanks and
> regards,Sreenivas,CMCLtd

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