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From Picard Francois <francois.pic...@capco.com>
Subject SOAP Interoperability question
Date Thu, 07 Jun 2001 14:15:05 GMT
Sorry for what might be a trivial question, but I can't find an answer on
the Net.

I'm relatively new to SOAP and download yesterday the Apache-SOAP and then
the MS-SOAP toolkit. They each have samples that work "in their own
environment" but what about across each other. After all interoperability is
one of the SOAP goals...
I'd like to see and show (with a demo to my colleagues) the interoperability
between the two, so I've in mind to have some MS client speaking to 
Apache-SOAP (Java) server.
I read a lot in the last two days, but the MS (client) side relies on
WSDL/WSLM files (e.g MSSOAP.Soapclient.Init (WSDLFile URL, ..)) which has no
equivalent on the Apache, which just requires an envelope), so I'm stuck

Is what I'm trying to do (MS->Apache interop.) possible and showable ?

If you do not have time to answer, could you point me to a good Web site or
address ?

Thanks a lot for any help

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