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From Jacek Kopecky <ja...@idoox.com>
Subject Re: ANN: IdooXoap pre-release
Date Thu, 10 Aug 2000 17:30:00 GMT
 > >  Our implementation uses the SOAP Contract Language (SCL), it is even
 > > able to (de)serialize any linked graph, and above that handles remote
 > > interface references.
 > Is this an arbitrary graph of java objects? Do you handle collections of collections
 > etc? Also, since there is no source to examine, what do you mean handles
 > 'remote interface references'? Could you elaborate?

Yes, that is an arbitrary graph of java objects. But we now handle
only public members of objects and we don't have special serializers
for java.util.* so we don't handle any java.util collections. On the
other hand any other structures linked with public members are OK.

We actually now seem to prefer not to use native structure classes, we
generate client stubs and structure helpers from an SCL description
and the service implementation/client can then use these structure
helpers that do have public members.

                            Jacek Kopecky

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