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From soapg...@idoox.net
Subject ANN: IdooXoap pre-release
Date Thu, 10 Aug 2000 16:03:08 GMT
 Hello everybody.
 We're proud to announce the pre-release of IdooXoap, a Java
implementation of a SOAP library, compatible (in present features)
with MS and Apache (IBM) implementations.
 Our implementation uses the SOAP Contract Language (SCL), it is even
able to (de)serialize any linked graph, and above that handles remote
interface references.
 Until we set up the infrastructure for supporting an open-source
project only a package with demos and binaries of the library is
released. By the end of August the sources will be released under
 The homepage is at http://www.zvon.org/index.php?nav_id=30 and the
package itself is at http://www.zvon.org/idooxoap/download/package.zip
 It has been developed under JDK1.3beta and tested on Linux. 
 Share and enjoy. 

                            the Idoox SOAP crew

P.S: Sorry about the cross-posting but I don't know the overlap in the

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