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From "Kartheek Hirode" <kartheek_hir...@centegy.com>
Subject Decoupling rpcrouter.jsp
Date Mon, 07 Aug 2000 08:34:44 GMT

Is there any way to decouple the client and server-side from
the 'rpcrouter.jsp' and the Deployment stuff?

I just need a client (GetAddress-like) talking with a server
which recieves the SOAP-encoded message, decodes it, processes it
and sends it back to the client in SOAP-encoded form.
The client will know how to decode it and take it from there.

The payload will be 'String's which I presume have built-in
encoding and hence do need explicit serializers/de-serializers.

Frankly, this email is at the end of a cathartic 50+ hrs of
trying to do the above. Just realized that I was fighting 
against a 'design'.
(There probably is vey few things I haven't tried already
in terms of playing around with the code, so I might be missing
something more profound)


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