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From "Steven J. McDowall" <sjmcdow...@uswest.net>
Subject RE: Every SOAP request creates a new thread
Date Fri, 11 Aug 2000 13:20:41 GMT


First off.. What is the "Standard SOAP" implementation you are talking about
here? Apache Soap? RC2?? What platform? What JDK? (Or JRE)..

However, there is absolutely no thread logic in Apache soap whatsoever..
No new threads, etc. So I don't think the problem is from SOAP..
Perhaps iPlanet caches thread pools for efficiency (in some cases?)
or for some reason keeps the thread on user objects to not have them
GC;ed? or something strange... I would chat w/ someone in the iPlanet
side of the house since I think its more likely to be there ..

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From: Anand Jain [mailto:ajain@brience.com]
Sent: Thursday, August 10, 2000 5:08 PM
To: 'soap-dev@xml.apache.org'
Subject: Every SOAP request creates a new thread

Hi All,

I am facing a very strange problem. I am running the standard implementation
of SOAP on iPlanet 4.1

Our application is written in Java and based on SOAP. Whenever the client
requests an object from the server through SOAP, it creates a new thread on
the server. Now, then thread remains into existence even when I shut down my
client. But whenever I return a "String" object from the server to the
client, a new thread is not created... this means that it is created only
when a user defined object is passed............ what could be the problem

Any kind of help or pointers would be appreciated,

Thanks in advance,

Anand Jain

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