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From "James Snell" <jsn...@lemoorenet.com>
Subject C++ To Do List
Date Sat, 12 Aug 2000 22:18:30 GMT
Here's a basic to do list for the C++ implementation I've been working on.
I'm working on Step 1, if any body would like to pick up any of the other
steps, let me know which one.

- James Snell


Primary Items

1. SOAPEnvelopeWriter, SOAPEnvelopeReader, SOAPEnvelope, SOAPHeader and
SOAPPayload objects

2. SOAPTransport, SOAPHTTPTransport (with SSL support), and
   -> These are the client side transports.  SOAPTransport would be the
basic Interface description. SOAPHTTPTransport and SOAPSMTPTransport being
the actual code implementations.  Basically, they would receive an instance
of a SOAPEnvelope and transmit it over the wire.

3. Transport Protocol Listener bindings (to receive and dispatch messages to
the SOAPProcessor)
   -> Apache MOD, IIS ISAPI, Netscape NSAPI, etc

   -> These are the server side bindings.  All they will basically do is
forward the received message on to the SOAPProcessor component.  I think it
would be cool to include SMTP-based Server side bindings also, so if anybody
has any ideas I'd love to hear 'em.

4. SOAPProcessor And Configuration Engine
   -> Here's what I'm thinking:

      1. Message Is Received by the listener, forwarded on to the processor
      2. The processor uses an XML based configuration file to link a
particular type of message to a particular message handler.  Also defined in
the configuration are mappings linking particular SOAP Header's (identified
by their namespaces) to a particular Header Handler component.
      3. The processor creates an instance of each releveant Header Handler,
creates an instance of the message handler, then passes in the payload + all
of the references to the various Header Handlers in use for processing by
the Message Handler.

5. MessageHandler and HeaderHandler Interfaces and Language Bindings (C++,
COM, CORBA, Java, Perl)
   -> The MessageHandler's and HeaderHandler's perform all of the actual
custom work.  HeaderHandlers basically provide contextual support for the
MessageHandler by 1) providing access to the information passed in SOAP
Headers and 2) executing the code relevant to the proper handling of the
Header as defined in the Header specification (I'll try to explain this more
in depth later).

6. SOAPRPCPayload, SOAPRPCHandler (with multiple language bindings) objects

   -> The SOAPRPCPayload is a custom implementation of the SOAPPayload
interface used on the client for building SOAP Envelopes.  It will expose
such functions as "setMethod" and "setParameter".

   -> The SOAPRPCHandler is a custom implementation of the MessageHandler
interface used on the server for processing RPC-style SOAP messages.  I
imagine that a different SOAPRPCHandler can be used for various language
bindings (the custom MessageHandler essentially becomes a bridge to the
targeted language).

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