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From Jean-Noel Gadreau <jngadr...@activcard.com>
Subject SOAPEngine / EnvelopeProcessor - Am I way off ?
Date Fri, 11 Aug 2000 16:15:17 GMT
Hi all.

I am sending this quick e-mail because I did not get any feedback on the
patch/enhancement that I sent to the list a couple days ago on an
implementation of what I called "SOAPEngine" and "EnvelopeProcessors". As I
did not see any discussion on the list, I am wondering if my approach is
completely off the scope of Apache-SOAP, or if I am not considering the
problem correctly, if nobody cares or if you don't have time to look at it.

I need to keep working on this project for my company, but we also want to
contribute to Apache-SOAP if possible. So should I just keep working on it
as it is and post updates ? Do you see changes that I would need to roll in
now ?

If you could let me know what's your views on this, I would really

Thanks a lot


Software Engineer, ActivCard Inc.(http://www.activcard.com )
E-mail: jngadreau@activcard.com
Tel (main): 510-574-0100
Tel (direct): 510-574-1736

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