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From "Simpson, Jeff" <jsimp...@EZPRICING.com>
Subject SOAPException changes to allow details
Date Wed, 09 Aug 2000 22:24:14 GMT
Here are some changes that I made that allow the Server Class to throw a
SOAPException and return back a SOAP Fault detail.  It has the happy side
effect of allowing you to also send back your own fault codes.  

I added a vector, details, to SOAPException, and made getters and setter for

I made some changes to rpcrouter.jsp.  Here where the SOAPException is
caught I test the targetException to see if it was a SOAPException and if it
was I set the fault Details to the exceptions details.  I think this clears
up a few bugs.

If you decide to use this use the details you should be careful that the
Vector must be filled only with Elements.

Jeffrey V. Simpson
Senior Software Engineer
Tel: 	(202)  833-4949 x116
Cell:	(202) 253-1302
Fax: 	(202) 833-3819

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