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From "Simpson, Jeff" <jsimp...@EZPRICING.com>
Subject SOAPException and Fault Detail
Date Fri, 04 Aug 2000 18:37:12 GMT
I think it is a problem that you can not throw a SOAPException and include

As I read the code the SOAPException is caught in the rpcrouter.jsp and
converted into a Fault and the Fault is made into a Response.

What I propose to do to SOAPException is: 
Add a Vector named details. 
Add a getter and setter for details
Add a constructor SOAPException (String faultCode, String msg, Vector

What I propose to do to rpsrouter.jsp is:
	In the section that catches the SOAPException fault.setDetailEntries
to the exception's details.

I hope this is the right way to make this proposal.  I have never
contributed to an Apache project before, but my company wants to use this
product and this is a problem for us.  If I have missed something obvious
please tell me.  I do need to know if I should go ahead and do this?  If so,
do I email this list with the changed files or check them into the
whiteboard area?  I assume I email them to this list since other people seem
to have.

Jeffrey V. Simpson
Senior Software Engineer
Tel: 	(202)  833-4949 x116
Cell:	(202) 253-1302
Fax: 	(202) 833-3819

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