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From d..@us.ibm.com
Subject add doGet support
Date Fri, 11 Aug 2000 13:52:23 GMT

I have a change to RPCRouterServlet.java that I'd like to
get feedback on.  Rather than simply returning an error on a
doGet request, I've added code so that doGet will support
some of the simple ServiceManagerClient requests.  This
will allow users to get trivial data (ie. list of services, query
a service) without having to write a complete client, or in
other words they can just use a browser.   It's a lot easier to
just bring up IE and say:
than to write a SOAP client and have to remember all of the
name spaces stuff.
Anyway, I'm attaching the code changes for your perusal.
If attaching files doesn't work I'll do another post with the
just the code.
(See attached file: RPCRouterServlet.java)

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