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From John Black <jbl...@deltek.com>
Subject Error compiling deploy.jsp
Date Tue, 15 Aug 2000 14:08:51 GMT

I am implementing the soap distribution directly from the latest CVS
updates.  I am using JRun 2.3.2 build 152.  When I run the administrator, I
get the following error:

Found 1 semantic errors compiling

   130.   serviceManager.deploy (dd);
*** Error: The method "void
deploy(org.apache.soap.server.DeploymentDescriptor $1);" can throw the
checked exception "org/apache/soap/SOAPException", but its invocation is
neither enclosed in a try statement that can catch that exception nor in the
body of a method or constructor that "throws" that exception "

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

John Black

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