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From George I Matkovits <matkovi...@uswest.net>
Subject Re: SOAP over HTTPS
Date Sat, 19 Aug 2000 03:15:32 GMT
It was I!  I have a working version based on the 730 CVS tree + Steven's  new
RPCServlet. The required code changes are really minimal (the new servlet made
the biggest difference :-). A request must be with an https: protocol.
Unfortunately all the current sample's URL lines must change because a 'new URL'
can not be created there with https. A 'sanitizer' method must be called which
also saves the https:URI and passes it directly to the HTTPUtils.java module
behind all the other intervening code. I also use http1.1 on https URLs with
connection keep-alive and now repeated connections (like for the calculator
sample) are instantaneous since NO additional PKI  re-negotiation is required!
I do not believe that there are any export issues since I use Sun's standard JCE
APIs. The encryption strength depends only on the respective jar code which has
both domestic and export level encryption strength versions on Sun's site. I
tested the code on Linux (with IBM's V1.3 Java) + Sun's JCEE1.0.1 jars, and
against Apache V1.3.12 (source build with  mod_ssl + OpenSSL + RSAREF + self
generated 128 bit full strength Certificate + Tomcat 3.2B1) All SOAP samples
seem to be working over both encrypted and normal connections. Netscape also
accepts the certificate and does an https connection to the site! Since the code
is against an 'older' CVS base I just will post it here ASAP and make the
changes eventually  against the new  V2.0 JSOAP base.
Regards - George

"Steven J. McDowall" wrote:

> I seem to remember SOMEONE saying they were starting to do something w.r.t
> HTTPS SOAP.. But I don't remember if it was soap-dev or soap@dev :-)
> Alas, there SHOULD be an archive of soap-dev/soap-user, but the archiving
> site seems to have run out of disk space and so far, there have been no
> archives at all. :-(  However, I believe that ALL messages will be loaded on
> the archive
> whenever it may become available.
> Personally, I feel not having the archive is starting to become a severe
> issue
> and wonder if anyone has an idea of WHEN the archive will be working?
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Kartheek Hirode [mailto:kartheek_hirode@centegy.com]
> Sent: Sunday, August 06, 2000 2:24 PM
> To: soap-dev@xml.apache.org
> Subject: SOAP over HTTPS
> Hello all,
> Is HTTPS functionality available in XML-SOAP currently?
> Don't see a SOAPHTTSConnection in the src, so I presume not.
>                 ^^^^
> Am beginning to code for this, so appreciate any "No need, I've got it"s,
> Best regards,
> --Kartheek
> (PS: Is there an archive for this list??)

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