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From Rich Johns <rjo...@vignette.com>
Subject Re: SOAPEngine / EnvelopeProcessor - Am I way off ?
Date Fri, 11 Aug 2000 18:19:04 GMT
Sorry, didn't mean to ignore it. I plan to look at it as soon as I can, but
right now I'm swamped. I like the concept (based on your explanations) of
refactoring the code so that it is more reusable and that the architecture will
become more flexible. I must admit that I have been looking at everything
with an "http eye" although I do understand the need to generalize for
other transports.

I want to retain the idea of a servlet for http rpc and that we have the
ability to register properly scoped service provider classses, so I doubt
I will scream too much as long as this architectural option is available.
Within that architecure, though, there are some improvements that
would be nice, like the ability to register multiple providers in one
deployment descriptor.


Jean-Noel Gadreau wrote:

> Hi all.
> I am sending this quick e-mail because I did not get any feedback on the patch/enhancement
that I
> sent to the list a couple days ago on an implementation of what I called "SOAPEngine"
> "EnvelopeProcessors". As I did not see any discussion on the list, I am wondering if
my approach
> is completely off the scope of Apache-SOAP, or if I am not considering the problem correctly,
> nobody cares or if you don't have time to look at it.
> I need to keep working on this project for my company, but we also want to contribute
> Apache-SOAP if possible. So should I just keep working on it as it is and post updates
? Do you
> see changes that I would need to roll in now ?
> If you could let me know what's your views on this, I would really appreciate.
> Thanks a lot
> Jean-Noel
> =============
> Jean-Noel GADREAU
> Software Engineer, ActivCard Inc.(http://www.activcard.com )
> E-mail: jngadreau@activcard.com
> Tel (main): 510-574-0100
> Tel (direct): 510-574-1736

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