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From Rich Johns <rjo...@vignette.com>
Subject Re: add doGet support
Date Fri, 11 Aug 2000 15:04:18 GMT
Doing this: http://localhost:8080/soap/admin
gets you about the same thing doesn't it?

I guess this lets you include ServiceManagerClient ouput
into your own pages.  This might be cool in terms of
building web pages that let you test deployed services.
A query on a service would return details about how to
use  it.

WRT code, it'd be nice if RPCRouterServlet didn't have
to hard code the ServiceManagerClient requests, ie.,
"list", "query".

dug@us.ibm.com wrote:

> I have a change to RPCRouterServlet.java that I'd like to
> get feedback on.  Rather than simply returning an error on a
> doGet request, I've added code so that doGet will support
> some of the simple ServiceManagerClient requests.  This
> will allow users to get trivial data (ie. list of services, query
> a service) without having to write a complete client, or in
> other words they can just use a browser.   It's a lot easier to
> just bring up IE and say:
> http://host:8080/examples/servlet/RPCRouterServlet?action=list
> than to write a SOAP client and have to remember all of the
> name spaces stuff.
> Anyway, I'm attaching the code changes for your perusal.
> If attaching files doesn't work I'll do another post with the
> just the code.
> (See attached file: RPCRouterServlet.java)
> -thanks
> -Dug
>   ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>                             Name: RPCRouterServlet.java
>    RPCRouterServlet.java    Type: runemacs (application/x-unknown-content-type-runemacs.exe)
>                         Encoding: base64

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