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From Rich Johns <rjo...@vignette.com>
Subject Re: new webapp "soap" created
Date Thu, 10 Aug 2000 15:25:03 GMT

I think the build.xml has not been updated to reflect the changes you
just checked in. Here's at least one problem:

    <property name="webapps.admin" value="./webapps/admin"/>
    <property name="webapps.rpcrouter" value="./webapps/rpcrouter"/>

which should be:

    <property name="webapps.admin" value="./webapps/soap/admin"/>
    <property name="webapps.rpcrouter" value="./webapps/soap/rpcrouter"/>

I think. Assuming I'm right, the next question: is it your intention to
have the webapps/soap/* organization in  the distribution directory? Currently
the soap node is not being created.

Also, the WEB-INF dir is not being copied.

thanks for any guidance here.

Sanjiva Weerawarana wrote:

> I removed the old directories 'admin' and 'rpcrouter' from the
> webapps directory and added one called 'soap'. This webapp has the
> admin client in the admin subdir and in the WEB-INF/web.xml file
> the RPCRouterServlet is registered under the name rpcrouter.
> So, now you can add one context to Tomcat and see the contents
> of index.html (which is nothing basically) or run the admin client
> or check out the RPC router servlet (which promptly informs you that
> it doesn't speak HTTP GET. If you add the context /soap to point
> to the webapps/soap dir, the admin client is available at /soap/admin
> and the RPC router servlet is at /soap/servlet/rpcrouter. The old
> rpcrouter JSP is still available too at /soap/rpcrouter/rpcrouter.jsp.
> They now all work correctly as a part of a single application.
> Questions:
> - Is the Servlet 2.2 webapp model supported by all app servers?
> - Should we also package up a war file that full webapp supporters
>   can just drop the thing in and not have to worry about classpath
>   and all that stuff? How portable is that?
> - Are we ready to say bye bye to rpcrouter.jsp? I think so.
> Sanjiva.

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