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From Blaine Horrocks <blaine.horro...@cp.net>
Subject Re: Soap Provider classes need access to servlet data
Date Tue, 08 Aug 2000 21:30:32 GMT
Jean-Noel Gadreau wrote:

> In my proposal, I was also mentionning a kind of "extended RPCCall"
> where the class providing the service (like StockQuoteService) would
> take as first parameter the "EnvelopeContext". This way, this class
> performing the service can have access to all the information in the
> context. For instance, the ExtendedStockQuoteService" could check if
> the user is authenticated and then provide real-time quotes compared
> to delayed quotes for non-members.

I have to say that I really *don't* like this approach.   It really
makes it difficult to share underlying application logic implementations
between a soap based api and another type of interface such as one based
on servlet/jsp based UI.   The present decoupling facilitates this

I would also suggest that, going back to your original proposal, that
the unmarshalling of the entire Call, which you were trying to avoid,
doesn't necessarily follow from the  Envelope.unmarshall(payload)
call.   It is certainly feasible that the Headers could be unmarshalled
and made available by the envelope implementation separately from the
Body.  Indeed the body could be handled with some form of lazy
unmarshalling code.

$0.01 (not complete analysis but ...)

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