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From George I Matkovits <matkovi...@uswest.net>
Subject Re: C++ Implementation
Date Wed, 02 Aug 2000 16:13:37 GMT
You could always call it from a small 'Java servlet' front end! This kind of
implementation could be very,very extensible.
IMHO on the client side we will have to have eventally a C, C++, C#, COM, COM+
environment to a  Soap Java Server

Kevin Elliott wrote:

> >
> > 5. COM, C++, Apache-Mod, ISAPI, & NSAPI Server Listeners
> Hi folks, ive been lurking on this mailling list for sometime, ive got quite an
> interest in a C++ implementation, and possibly may be able to spend time on the
> project. :-) I'm new to the SOAP spec, but have been toying with XML-RPC for a
> while, and written my own C++ sort-of-XML-RPC over HTTP implementation.
> Ive been thinking about the item above, as stated by James a while ago. From my
> understanding of the Java SOAP implementation (and excuse me if i am wrong), it
> makes heavy use of Java Servlets and JSPages on the server side. Which is great,
> but in C++ land the server-side framework is arguably lacking the richness of
> Java Servlets (ahem). So, my thought is, where would the C++ Server sit? Run it
> as a C++ Apache-Mod? Thats where I would logically put it (except of a small
> concern that Apache runs as multiple processes, making sharing of state info
> harder, something that Java Servlets make easy).

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