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From "Wouter Cloetens" <wcloe...@raleigh.ibm.com>
Subject RE: xml-soap and references
Date Sat, 12 Aug 2000 03:41:42 GMT
On Fri, 11 Aug 2000 17:20:29 -0700, Brown, Keith wrote:

>Any ideas when you'll be able to support SOAP references (id and href
>attrs)? SOAP/Perl uses references *a lot*. Tell you what - if you implement
>references, I'll implement array support :-) :-) ;-)

My patches for handling attachments using multipart mime support use the href attribute. 
In the mean time, there's a proposal on how to do this officially. The format suggested in

that proposal can't really be handled without better support for href, so I was planning to

implement the whole value reference thing some time soon.

What's needed, IMHO, is a global context that gets passed to the marshall/unmarshall 
methods of the serialisers and deserialisers. I don't really see yet how value references

can be marshalled in Java - at least not transparantly (except for the attachments, those

can be InputStreams etc). When unmarshalling, the id and href attributes would probably 
be handled by AttributeHandler (I don't know the entire structure of the code). 
Backreferences are easily pulled from the context, but forward references have to be 
tagged and resolved in a second pass.

bfn, Wouter
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