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From Chris Jackson <cjack...@ghsinc.com>
Subject SecureXmlRpcTransport?
Date Wed, 18 Dec 2002 22:08:28 GMT
Myself and another coder here are looking to implement some secure
xml-rpc clients and services, but it looks like the current code base is
very much in flux with the recent refactoring/addition of the
XmlRpcTransport stuff. My question to the list is should we take a crack
at implementing SecureXmlRpcTransport or does someone have something in
the works already?
We are assuming that the secure.SecureXmlRpcClient will be depreciated
by XmlRpcClient using a transport factory that looks at the URL protocol
to decide whether to do DefaultXmlRpcClient or SecureXmlRpcTransport (or
something else), are we off the mark?

We've got dead lines, so we will start down that road, but thought it
would be nice if we ended up with code of use to others and didn't
duplicate someone else efforts or step on someoneelse's code.

Chris J.
GHS Data Mgt.

"Critical thinking does not work in an
environment of ignorance of critical facts."
 - George C. Jeffrey

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