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From Kevin Hester <kev...@ispiri.com>
Subject Making Invoker public?
Date Wed, 21 Aug 2002 15:27:13 GMT

Yesterday I began using the Apache XML-RPC library, and I must give praise: 
This is a great library - it works well and it is very cleanly constructed.  
However, I have run into one issue and I'd like to see if you want my fix.

I have a number of objects which are currently using RMI, and as such they 
have methods declared as void.  I've decided to encapsulate these objects in 
an XML-RPC framework, but I would still like to have the option of using RMI. 
 Everything works great except that the void functions return null when 
invoked through the introspection API.

It seemed to me that creating a glue class that implements the XmlRpcHandler 
and uses introspection would be an ideal solution to this problem.  The glue 
class could invoke the method on its target object, check for null return 
value and substitute a value which is acceptable in XML-RPC land (i.e. 

Of course, the glue class I'm describing is only a slight modification of 

My solution: Make the invoker class public so that users can subclass it for 
custom behavior.  In my case, I override execute to check for a null return 

My question to all:

1) Does this seem like a good solution?  It sure seems better than people 
having to reinvent the introspection glue.

2) Do you want diffs for this minor change?


Kevin Hester				
kevinh@ispiri.com			Ispiri Development

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