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From "Rob Walker" <r...@softsell.com>
Subject Re: WebServer.java
Date Wed, 14 Aug 2002 14:03:33 GMT
> Funny that, I was looking at replacing the WebServer for our local
> implementation so that I could split off a particular class of HTTP
> request.
> The problem with relying entirely on a servlet engine is one of
> speed (mentioned already), but also of dependencies. The current
> xml-rpc package is quite small and is self-contained. Requiring
> a servlet implementation means that an application that uses
> xml-rpc must embed and distribute a servlet engine, be
> embedded in a servlet engine, or distributed as a WAR or similar.
> I haven't seen a servlet engine that is as simple to embed as
> the WebServer (although I would like to be wrong). I think that
> people embedding XML-RPC functionality in their applications may
> also be concerned about losing control over how threads and
> synchronicity are managed.

Agree entirely - Jetty is very good, but would be a fairly substantial addition 
to the xml/rpc distribution both in size and in having more to understand and 

In an OSGi environment that's fine - there's a standard HttpService, which 
for us happens to be Jetty, so we piggyback of this existing infrastructure.

> It seems to me that the current XmlRpcServer does a good job
> of handling threads in normal operation (without a servlet
> engine out front). If the Worker was split out, and passed
> an extra callback interface to handle the URI -> object mapping,
> then it would be easy to embed XML-RPC into an arbitary HTTP
> implementation without embedding either the XmlRpcServer
> or the WebServer.

Totally agree - it's greatest attraction to us was simplicity and light weight. If 
we wanted bigger more complex infrastructure, we'd probably have gone 
SOAP or CORBA or somesuch, wrapped into a full blow J2EE server or the 

My vote would be to keep the current model and show people how they can 
embed it e.g. as described above. It only took us a couple of hours to figure 
out the hook-up for servlet use based on the current docs, and we're no 

-- Rob Walker

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