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From Walter Hoehn <wa...@memphis.edu>
Subject Re: Project building help - JNI
Date Mon, 03 May 2004 20:12:06 GMT
Hi Jem,

I'm happy to make the changes you suggest, but it may be a week or so 
as I'm waiting for my employer to get a contributor agreement through 
to the ASF.  Small, autonomous patches are definitely appreciated.

As for coding style, we haven't really crossed that road yet.  Right 
now, all of the java is just formatted by my default eclipse 
configuration.  I'm definitely open to changing this, especially once 
we have multiple contributors.


On Apr 29, 2004, at 10:03 AM, Jem Mawson wrote:

> Walter
> Thanks very much for your help. I have compiled and tested without any 
> problems.
> I have a few more questions regarding the java source. Rather than 
> just pose the questions I´ve also submitted a patch. Is this the right 
> thing to do? :)
> 1. Using TimedTests suggests the CryptoTests have a performance 
> requirement. Is 1000ms suitably large enough to cater for slow 
> systems? This value should also be configurable.
> 2. Declaring byte[] variables in the tests is redundant as they are 
> not used.
> 3. Protected constants can be made private.
> Also, whats' the consensus on code style? There are a mix of naming 
> and bracketing styles in the Java sources. Any thoughts on employing 
> checkstyle?
> I´ve also included a couple of changes to the build.xml.
> 1. The JUnit task gave a warning about the dir attribute being 
> redundant when the test is running in the same VM. Setting fork=¨true¨ 
> overcomes this.
> 2. Added showoutput="yes" to the JUnit task to see test results 
> without having to inpect the test results file.
> Thanks again,
> Jem

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