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From Gianugo Rabellino <gian...@apache.org>
Subject [IMPORTANT] The future of XIndice
Date Thu, 04 Aug 2011 22:14:51 GMT

this is an important message for the XIndice community: as some of you
may have noticed, the Apache XML project has been in a "winding down"
mode for a while, with most projects either moving to top level
(xerces.apache.org, xalan.apache.org) or to the Attic (AxKit,
Crimson). XIndice is now the only project left, and it's time to
discuss about the project's future. There are two ways forward: the
top level project route (creating xindice.apache.org with its own PMC)
or, if the project isn't active enough to create a PMC, the Attic (see

The XML project has no opinion on either, but know that if the XIndice
community doesn't step up to own the project, the only choice left
will be the Attic. Which, by the way, means hibernation not death: the
software remains available both in binaries and source code (although
in strict read-only mode), forks remain possible and projects can exit
the Attic at any time, although to do that they need to prove they
have a viable community standing behind them.

This is a message to get the discussion going: if you want to keep
XIndice as a full-fledged Apache project, this is your turn to step
up! If you feel you want to help, participate, contribute and use
XIndice, we would be glad to hear from you and, as the XML PMC, more
than willing to hand XIndice over to a newly formed TLP. Personally,
I'm happy to help with either transitions, be it to a TLP or to the
Attic. Given that the project has been inactive in the past, I'm
planning to wait for a week to see if a discussion gets going: if
that's not the case, my plan is to start a vote in the XML PMC to
retire XIndice to the Attic.

Looking forward to your suggestions,

Gianugo Rabellino - gianugo at rabellino dot it
Blog: http://boldlyopen.com

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