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From Brian Minchau <minc...@ca.ibm.com>
Subject Quarterly report from Apache Xalan (Oct 22, 2005)
Date Sat, 22 Oct 2005 17:32:05 GMT

Quarterly report from Apache Xalan to the ASF board

- Brian Minchau
  Apache Xalan PMC Chairperson
  October 22, 2005


In the last report (Aug 12, 2005) it was reported that
Matt Hoyt and Berin Lautenbach had resigned
their Xalan PMC membership.

Since then Christine Li, an active committer was
unanimously voted in by the Xalan PMC members,
and she became a new Xalan PMC member on Oct 13, 2005.
This was announced publicly at:

The PMC now has these members:
   Arun Yadav
   Brian Minchau (Chairperson)
   Christine Li
   Dmitry Hayes
   Henry Zongaro
   John Gentilin
   Ramesh Mandava
   Santiago Pericas-Geertsen

Brian Minchau's tenure as Chairperson is up, as it is
over one year. The process has started to pick a new
PMC Chairperson from among the PMC members. That process
should be complete with three weeks and the
person elected by the Xalan PMC will be recommended to
the ASF board for approval for the next one year term.


In the last report the Xalan-C committers had  started
discussions for a Xalan-C 1.10. The vote on this passed
and the new release is expected any day now.

The upcoming release will have:
  > XML 1.1 support
  > Serializer redesign
  > performance fixes
  > support for Xerces-C 2.7 XML parser
  > the usual bug fixes

Xalan has passed the vote to move from CVS to SVN
(Subversion).  Once Xalan-C has its 1.10 version released
the move will be made.


There has been no significant increase in JIRA issues
since the new Xalan-J 2.7.0 release on Aug 8 2005. It is
possible that a few regressions will be fixed in a
2.7.1 release, but that point-release is not yet in plan.

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