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From Andy Clark <an...@apache.org>
Subject [Announce] CyberNeko Tools for XNI 2005.06.18 Available
Date Sun, 19 Jun 2005 06:03:41 GMT
To paraphrase Twain (badly), the rumors of my programming
coma have been greatly exaggerated... ;)

It's been *way* too long since the last time that I have
updated the CyberNeko Tools for XNI. So I'm making up for
that (at least partially) with a release that updates the
HTML Parser.

This release includes a large number of fixes and small
features that people have been requesting. I have more in
store and hope to devote more time in the coming weeks to
work through the entire backlog. So if your requested
changes are not in this release, hang on a little longer
and I hope to have them done as soon as possible.

The changes to NekoHTML include:

   * added feature to allow scanner to fix character entity
     references for Microsoft Windows characters
   * stopped building nekohtmlXni.jar file by default
   * fixed handling of <blockquote> to better match browser
   * fixed tag-balancing bug for unknown elements
   * fixed mapping of encoding name in <meta> element
   * changed tag-balancing to allow headers inside of links
   * applied attribute namespace patch
   * fixed namespace bug for "xml" prefixes
   * fixed namespace bug for "xmlns" prefixes
   * fixed no-such-method exception bug when using
     augmentations feature with older versions of Xerces2

But, as I've said, I still have a number of bugs and
features on my todo list. Included in this list is a
feature to report character offsets for document
information. Currently, the parser can return start/
end line and column information but many users have
requested character offset information based on the
beginning of the file. So I'll be working on that
feature and fixing more bugs.

As always, the code is available at the following URL:



Andy Clark * andyc@apache.org

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