So noone has tried XML differencing, huh?

Christopher R Newman wrote:
I would probably prefer Perl since I actually know it.  But I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on specific programs/modules to use for XML differencing.    Does anybody have experience with this?


jinwen lu wrote:
Use Perl?
I think Perl could be a good choice speed wise.

--- Christopher R Newman
<> wrote:
Curious if anyone has any experience with XML differencing, especially 
on an Apache server.  I've been looking at the Perl modules like 
XML::SemanticDiff, XML::Diff, and XML::DifferenceMarkup, but they all 
seem to have some slight limitations.  I just realized it might be 
might be possible for me to set up a Java servlet to run some of the 
Java-based XML differencing programs, but from what I've read so far 
many of them seem to be even worse off (slower, eat more memory, etc.).
What would you all suggest I use and why?  Any help would be greatly 

Thanks in advance,

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