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From Clay Leeds <cle...@medata.com>
Subject Re: Ensuring integrity & searchability of ML archives (was Re: [REQUEST] XML Graphics setup) (Modified by Clay Leeds)
Date Mon, 01 Nov 2004 21:33:45 GMT
On Nov 1, 2004, at 1:11 PM, Berin Lautenbach wrote:
> Clay Leeds wrote:
>> When the Apache Forrest project changed to a new domain, they also  
>> changed from forrest-dev@x.a.o to dev@f.a.o & user@f.a.o.  
>> Unfortunately, with this change comes (IMHO) a significant problem  
>> for browsers of the archives: forrest-dev@ mail is a completely  
>> separate mailing list (with a separate interface). The problem is  
>> that forrest-dev was used for *all* dev *&* user mailing list  
>> traffic, so a search in the 'current' mailing lists' archives does  
>> not include content in forrest-dev (that's a separate search).
> Which archives are you looking at?

First let me say, that I have not mentioned this to the Forrest people  
nor do I speak for them. I just want to ensure that a problem doesn't  

If you look on Forrest's Mailing List page[1], you'll see three Mailing  
- user@forrest[2]
- dev@forrest
- svn@forrest

The user@ list has an Eyebrowse link and the dev@ list has Eyebrowse  
*&* MARC links.

I was looking at user@forrest.apache.org, which only goes back to May  

> The eyebrowse archives include the forrest-dev@xml and go back to  
> November 2002.
> http://nagoya.apache.org/eyebrowse/BrowseList? 
> listName=dev@forrest.apache.org&by=date&from=2002-05-01&to=2002-05 
> -31&first=1&count=636

True, however forrest-dev@x.a.o was the only list between May 2002 &  
May 2004, and was used for 'user@' as well as 'dev@' questions. Hence,  
a search on user@ lists (where a user would expect to find answers)  
won't return any 'hits' before May 2004. In order to search pre-May  
2004 'user' archives, one must search the  
dev@forrest.apache.org/forrest-dev@x.a.o lists.

Perhaps it makes sense to include the forrest-dev posts in the 'index'  
for user@f.a.o as well as dev@f.a.o.

NOTE: I'm not asking for this (I don't think it's my place to do so).  
I'm just using this as an example of something I want to be careful of  
WRT setting up xmlgraphics Mailing Lists & Archives.

> For Eyebrowse, when moving a list name, we generally set up a new  
> archive under the new list name and index all the old messages into  
> the new archive.
> Cheers,
> 	Berin

BTW, I hadn't noticed that the dev@ list actually includes all posts  
back to 2002 (thanks for pointing that out!), as I'd been under the  
impression one still had to use MARC[4] for that old content. The first  
place I was searching was user@ Eyebrowse, and the content isn't there,  
so I'd switch to MARC for older stuff.

BTW, the MARC link was down when I checked (it's back up now--must've  
been a glitch).

In any case, my goal is to ensure that when someone searches the  
fop-user archives, they get all the USER content. When someone searches  
fop-dev, they get all the DEV content.

[1] Forrest Mailing Lists
[2] Eyebrowse user@forrest.apache.org
[3] Eyebrowse dev@forrest.apache.org
[4] MARC forrest-dev@xml.apache.org

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