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From Henry Zongaro <zong...@ca.ibm.com>
Subject Re: Donation of JAXP 1.3 Sources to Apache
Date Tue, 19 Oct 2004 16:07:00 GMT
Hi, Neeraj,

Neeraj Bajaj <Neeraj.Bajaj@Sun.COM> wrote on 10/14/2004 07:53:26 AM:
> Michael Glavassevich wrote:
>> Neeraj Bajaj <Neeraj.Bajaj@sun.com> wrote on 10/13/2004 10:11:00 AM:
>>> Hello All,
>>> I was wondering when can we start merging the JAXP 1.3 sources ? 
>>> the code in branch/review/testing/committing to main trunk
>>> would take time so at least from my side i would like to see this work 

>>> started as early as possible say from tomorrow.
>>> What is the general procedure ? Is there any formality that needs to 
>>> completed first ? What is the opinion of
>>> (Xml-commons/Xerces/Xalan) committers ? 
>> I'm interested in getting started on this so tomorrow sounds good to 
>> Formally, that's a +1 from me.
> It would be good to see response from Xalan committers too. 

     Sorry for not chiming in sooner - I've been heavily occupied by other 

     Speaking as a Xalan-J committer and an occasional contributor to 
xml-commons, I'll give this a +1.  I'd like to see this work get underway 
very soon.


Henry Zongaro      Xalan development
IBM SWS Toronto Lab   T/L 969-6044;  Phone +1 905 413-6044

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