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From Neeraj Bajaj <Neeraj.Ba...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: Donation of JAXP 1.3 Sources to Apache
Date Wed, 13 Oct 2004 05:20:04 GMT

Michael Glavassevich wrote:

>Hello Neeraj,
>I think this is a good plan for merging the JAXP 1.3 changes into Xerces. 
>There's been quite a bit of progress on the XInclude implementation in 
>CVS, particularly in the last two months, so I imagine it's quite 
>different than it's state in the RI. Initially putting the RI on a 
>separate branch and then merging onto the main trunk sounds like the right 
>way to move forward.
Thanks Michael. I also see that merging Xinclude would require little 
extra effort than merging
other components.
                Regarding donation and merge of the sources, there have 
been couple of questions
which i believe have been answered and there are other questions like 
compiling code on other
JVM vendors which we (active Xerces/Xalan committers) can work out while 
working on the branch
before  committing on main trunk.


>Neeraj Bajaj <Neeraj.Bajaj@Sun.COM> wrote on 10/12/2004 08:02:14 AM:
>>JAXP 1.3 RI:  (Implementation components that should be part of Xerces)
>>JAXP 1.3 RI contains the implementation of following packages
>>javax.xml.parsers ( reset(), xinclude, etc.)
>>which should reside at Xerces.
>>I propose that we create a branch, and merge JAXP 1.3 RI changes 
>>into that branch.  This will help
>>other Xerces active committers to have a chance to look at it before
>>these changes being finally 
>>committed to main trunk.  This process would require merging changes
>>to the branch and then committing
>>changes to main trunk, i seek help of active Xerces committers.
>Michael Glavassevich
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