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From Bertrand Delacretaz <bdelacre...@apache.org>
Subject Re: XML Graphics: board concerns
Date Fri, 24 Sep 2004 06:19:21 GMT
Le 24 sept. 04, à 02:54, Glen Mazza a écrit :

> ...Ummm, wasn't Peter Herweg (whom Bertrand recommended)
> the FOP committer who brought JFOR into FOP, and the
> one who has maintained it for us since then?..

This part is not very relevant to the current discussion I think, but: 
I don't have a very good memory either...in your case I would recommend 
a good dose of mailing list archives before going to bed...maybe add 
some jfor.org bedtime reading ;-)

Please don't rewrite history. And if you want to follow the jfor to FOP 
evolution in detail you're forgetting Victor Mote as well.

> ...I'd like Finn Bock to be added to the PMC before we
> consider adding inactive committers...

Please be careful how you use the word "inactive". I suspect this is 
targeted at me, in which case it is very right as I have done very 
little for FOP in actual code, but have you looked at the mountains of 
work that Keiron has done here earlier?

I find dismissing him because he's *currently* inactive, without 
consideration for his former work, inappropriate (I was going to say 
"unrespectful" even).

To sum up my position: I think the XML Graphics thing is a good idea, 
and connections to Cocoon are certainly good as well.

As I said to Jeremias, I cannot promise much in terms of actual code 
contributions to the projects at this point, but if I can help by 
making connections between the projects I'm happy to do it.


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