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From "Peter B. West" <pbw...@tpg.com.au>
Subject Re: Voting a PMC chair
Date Tue, 13 Jul 2004 00:28:42 GMT
Thanks Jeremias.  See below.

Jeremias Maerki wrote:
> On 12.07.2004 00:29:00 Peter B. West wrote:
>>One wonders, however, whether the Board will then require the XML 
>>Graphics subprojects to become TLPs.
> The main goal is to reestablish oversight over the projects. A PMC must
> be involved in the release process, for example, which the XML PMC can't
> be. If XML Graphics grows too big for us, we will have to split up again.
> For now, however, I think Batik and FOP are in a similar boat, having a
> good and functional codebase with a sizeable user base but laming a bit
> on the development side. The new PMC will only have to care about two
> subprojects (and a bit of shared code) which should be doable.

My problem with this has always been that the Board is creating a flat 
structure of continually increasing breadth.  The effect of that is 
two-fold: 1) the Board exercises increasingly ineffective oversight of 
the TLPs, by virtue of their number, and 2) the natural hierarchies, in 
particular XML, are fragmented.  The "Federation" is a beast without 
portfolio, whereas the Board and the PMC are formal structures.  If the 
Apache charter mandates the Board, Projects and PMCs, why not change the 
charter to reflect the hierarchical reality.  Make Subprojects and SPMCs 
formal entities, with reporting responsibilities to their parent 
Project/PMCs.  Allow SPMCs to exercise the code and release oversight 
currently residing in the PMCs.  That is, let the charter reflect the 
reality of experience.  Another old argument.

Peter B. West <http://www.powerup.com.au/~pbwest/resume.html>

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